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Glen has been a life saver for us so many times! He is quick to respond, does quality work for a reasonable price and goes above and beyond to give good service. He is our go to for any plumbing needs we have! Thanks Glen! I would highly recommend Bernie”s Plumbing and Heating!

Wendy J.

I called Glenn last minute on a Friday to come look at my broken water heater. He was quick and prompt and knew exactly the issue was. I hate when projects drag on too long, but he was in and out in under an hour and had to completely replace the unit. I would never hesitate to recommend Glenn (Bernie’s in general) to anyone who needs assistance.

Charlotte M.

So far I have needed their service twice. I am a single mom on a limited income and they have been extremely affordable, caring and have always come out right away. They have also explained and been upfront about repairs and costs.

Connie B.

Had a run of bad luck and needed Glen’s service twice in less than a month. Fast same day service and great pricing. If you need a plumber or heating specialist call Glen.

Deena H.

I was referred to Bernie’s Plumbing and Heating Co by my Home Warranty Company and I am so glad that I was. They handled a difficult situation that I had with the main water line into my home. I was ver impressed with how quickly and efficiently they were able to find the problem and figure out a solution. They were also great to communicate and answer any questions that I had. It gave me a a peace of mind especially under stressful circumstances. I was also impressed with the quality of their work and their work ethic. I think they did a wonderful job and I would highly recommend calling them with any plumbing issues you may have.

Stacy P.

I called Glenn in a panic! My refrigerator went out a week. When the new one was trying to be delivered, the deliverymen refused to install it because the shutoff valve under my sink was corroded. I was beside myself with frustration! I jumped on the phone and reached Glenn after being told by several other companies they were several days out, he would come out the next day. He held true to his word and in about ten minutes, had my broken valve right as 🌧 rain. I’m so grateful to have found such a great plumber. I’ve lined up several other plumbing problems for him to sort out as soon as he is able!

Teresa S.

We had great experiences. Would totally recommend to anyone.

Alicia P.

We made a home warranty claim and within 2 hours he was there and 3 hours it was replaced. Great quick quality service.

Braedon P.

Shower Faucet and control knob. ( In the past he has fixed my furnace, air conditioner and put in a new water heater that was leaking. He helped me get control of the situation over the phone! So I did not have damage while he came to the rescue ! ).

Great! I have used Bernie”s Plumbing and Heating for all my repairs in the past 3 years. He has been wonderful to work with and his prices very fair. I have had a few emergency with my home and I have received prompt service, he makes you feel as though he really cares about the inconvenience that you are facing. I like that in those that I hire. Thank you Bernie.


Bernie’s plumbing and heating IS as good as it gets! My garbage deposal stopped working and I was sure I would have to get a new one and he came in got it going again and was out the door. He didn’t try to sell me a new one and he worked quick because he knew I had to head back to work. They are trust worthy ! They never over charge and the are quick! Best plumbing and heating company in Orem, Utah

Glen was quick and fixed the problem and was friendly !


He is a life saver! Our entire plumbing in our house for some reason is plumbed through our sub pump and since we’ve moved in a 1 1/2 ago it’s been acting up(backing up and stincking our house) we’ll he not only replaced it with a better pump, but he also came back a week later to help release the pressure it was building and drilled holes to help at no charge! He worked fast and well with our home insurance, out of all the other guys our insurance tried to find and we contacted he was willing and responded quickly(since we were living with no water: toilets, showers, laundry sinks all because of our broken sub pump, for over 3 days because insurance couldn’t find anyone willing to help fast enough) as soon as we contacted Bernie and explained the situation he was on it to come out even though it was the weekend and last minute! Thanks a million Bernie! My mom recommended him to us and we will be recommending him to others from now on!

Noelani D.

I tried fixing a leaky faucet myself but ran into problems and botched it up pretty good. I called Bernie’s in the evening and the repairman was at our house within the hour. Was in and out, identified and fixed the problem quickly. Will definitely use him again in the future.

Kyle H.

Bernies has serviced our home and 4 of our rental houses. Every time we have needed help, Glen has answered our phone calls and been out that day. This past summer I called him because our A/C was frozen up. Glen told us how to fix it over the phone. He told me to turn the unit off for several hours. I tried that, and it did the trick. We didn’t have to pay for a service call. I appreciated that!

Julianne E.

Glen was referred to me by a trusted friend after a less than honest plumber recommended unnecessary work. I found Glen to be direct, responsive, honest, and fair. I will definitely use their services in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Tanya B.

We had a loud drilling and knocking noise in our basement that the city had said was our pressure regulator valve. When we shut it off, we could still hear it, so we called Bernie’s to see if they could help us identify it and possibly fix it.  We spoke with Glenn at Bernie’s. He was extremely helpful. He gave us a couple of tasks to perform so we could identify whether it was actually the valve in the basement or something else. Once we had done these things, we phoned him back. He was able to tell us it was not the valve to the house, but actually something in our sprinkler system outside, which will require a sprinkler specialist. We were more than prepared to hire Glenn for the job, but he doesn’t do that kind of work, unfortunately. We are extremely grateful that he helped us locate the problem and that we were able to shut off the water in that area to avoid further problems. We have had a lot of difficulties this year, and having this help made a huge difference. We will definitely hire Glenn the next time we have a plumbing issue he actually works with. Thanks, Glenn!


Glenn was absolutely great; he came in and fixed the problem in the short term (without a charge) while we were waiting on a part.


We always have emergency plumbers on standby for all of your plumbing needs.

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